About the Program

This program is designed to provide students of all ages and skill level a fun and innovative approach to learning and playing soccer. This after school program is committed to providing a challenging yet unique program that will be enjoyable and help your child develop skills, improve performance, and nurture a love for the game.

As a former professional soccer player, coach, and parent, I understand that each child is different. Regardless of your child’s soccer skill level prior to joining, you will find our program is designed to keep them active in all sorts of soccer related activities through the entire session. Students are guaranteed to come away with a better understanding of soccer, and hopefully a passion for the sport.



Reason’s to attend


  Soccer is a great physical activity (#1 sport in the world)   Teamwork – there is no better team sport
  Top level soccer coaches experienced in developing youth   Convenience – after school at school
  Have fun and become a better soccer player    World Cup 2010 – get ready by sharpening your skills

The Cubillas Motto
Ask any of our students and you will hear "Awesome!"and "Golazo!" In the Cubillas family soccer is more than a tradition; we love the sport. Our passion for the game, enthusiasm and World Cup expertise, rubs off on students as they learn, develop, compete and have a lot of fun. Training sessions are adjusted in real-time to respond to the needs of the players, helping them to be more creative and innovative in their ideas and attitude towards soccer. Students love our training sessions because we love to coach.


* First lady Michelle Obama kicks soccer balls with kids as part of her campaign against child obesity.
Courtesy of CNN.com inc Cable News Network, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

For more info call 954-464-1133 or e-mail info@cubillasinc.com