Looking for an experienced and dedicated soccer trainer? 

You have come to the right place





Are you a parent that doesn’t have enough time to train your child because of your hectic work schedule?  Maybe he or she doesn’t listen to you anymore on the field because they know you are MOM or DAD.  Well you have found the right group to train/coach your child. 

The Cubillas Inc. Mentors

Ask any of our students and you will hear "Awesome!", "Golazo!". We are a family where soccer is more than a tradition, it is our love for this wonderful sport. With our passion for the game, enthusiasm and World Cup expertise, students will learn, develop skills, compete and have a lot of fun. We adjust each program  in real-time and respond to the needs of our players, help them to be more creative and innovative in their ideas and attitude towards soccer. We are positive role models and set high standards of behavior, are highly enthusiastic and truly believe that all of  the above can be accomplished from leading by example.

Our Educational Philosophy

We respect and recognize each of our students uniqueness, talents, motivation, and physical abilities and we custom design each of our programs to reach our ultimate goal: to unleash each student's maximum potential providing game participation and specialized training, to provide a learning experience, to compete and to have FUN!